Virtual Events and Virtual Event Solutions

The global pandemic has changed the way of how event professionals deliver experiences – from live to virtual events and the combination of both: hybrid events. With myriads of virtual event solutions flooded in the market, are you also searching for the one that works best for you to hit the mark and help you inject new life to your next virtual event in the UK?

Pico is your most trustworthy virtual event agency in the UK to make your virtual event planning easy by offering audience-centric, engagement-centric and personalized hybrid & virtual event solutions to keep your brand experience alive.

We provide a full suite of hybrid & virtual event experience services to empower hybrid & virtual event of all sizes and complexity with the deployment cutting-edge technologies and digital enablement that we have been cultivating for years as a global brand experience agency and an experiential marketing agency. The virtual event services that Pico covers include:

- Virtual Exhibitions
- Virtual Conferences
- Virtual Tradeshows
- Virtual Press Conferences
- Virtual Product Launches
- Virtual Showrooms
- Virtual Award Ceremonies
- Webinars
- Livestreaming/ Live Broadcasting

Join hands with Pico, your real ally of virtual event company in the UK, to engage your customers in a digital environment and create human-to-human connection in a truly animated virtual event. If you are thriving for a success in your next virtual exhibition in the UK or any virtual events in the UK, contact us today to push boundaries of what is possible, and bring people together!

Exhibitions and exhibition design

Pico provides a full suite of professional services for the design of exhibitions, theme parks and museum galleries worldwide through our in-house design studio.

Passionate about new design trends and creating outstanding displays, our design studio supports a vast variety of event, exhibition, theme park, and museum professionals as they develop exhibitions and galleries, and helps them as they create attractive new visitor experiences which appeal to global audiences.

Our design and interpretation specialists have a great deal of expertise operating in partnership with exhibitions of all sizes, world class galleries and internationally-renown theme parks. We develop outstanding theme park and museum master plans as well as gallery and exhibition schemes based on robust audience experiences, refined aesthetics, and innovative approaches to technology; all with the core objective of creating appealing, entertaining, educational and memorable visitor experiences.

Our experienced team will deliver:

- Museum , theme park, event master planning
- Permanent and temporary gallery design
- Visitor experience concept design
- Elaborate designs for exhibitions, galleries and immersive environments
- Exhibit and hands-on experience design
- Exhibition brand design
- Exhibition publication and education resource design

In addition to our impressive abilities as an event agency in the UK, our capabilities extend to a number of other services including brand communication, themed environments, interior and retail spaces. For more information on the range of services Pico offers, please contact our event specialists today.