Pico UAE becomes a Corporate Member of EWS-WWF

Pico UAE has announced its Gold Corporate Membership with EWS-WWF, underlining its support for environmental conservation in the UAE.

The Emirates Wildlife Society, in association with WWF (EWS-WWF), is a national not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation whose mission is to conserve nature and reduce threats to the environment. EWS-WWF works with people and institutions in the UAE and Gulf region to implement conservation solutions.

Pico UAE’s support of EWS-WWF aligns with the principles of Pico Global Care in Action, the Group’s CSR commitment to ‘give back’ to local communities through fundraising, charitable works, and raising awareness of environmental issues.

Kicking off the gold membership, Pico UAE sponsored event branding for the Caracal Desert Challenge, a 15km walk that took 400 GCC participants across remote areas of Abu Dhabi. The first charitable event of its kind, all net profits was allocated to EWS-WWF’s terrestrial conservation programmes. All event branding provided by Pico UAE was 100% reused or reusable.

The event was just the latest in a series of Pico/EWS-WWF collaborations on UAE environmental initiatives. "It is important for us to collaborate with local entities that share our vision of protecting the environment and operating responsibly," says Neda-Lucia Ahmadi, General Manager of Pico Plus. She adds, "As industry leaders it is our responsibility to share best practices and ideas with our community, and we appreciate the platform that EWS-WWF creates for us to take action together."

“Pico integrates sustainable practices at every possible level, in terms of both service offerings and social consciousness. Organisations who work with us have the added advantage of managing the carbon footprint of their event marketing projects. We invest in the methodology so that our clients can focus on their audience. We encourage them to choose sustainable project options whenever possible," according to Peter Sng, Regional Head, North America, Middle East and CIS. "We believe that small steps can make big changes to our planet."

Speaking at a Corporate Sustainability session at Pico’s Dubai office, Tamara Withers, Corporate Sustainability Manager at EWS-WWF, "It is great to see so many passionate young people truly care about the environment and making a difference. We look forward to Pico's assistance towards our environmental programmes through our Corporate Membership Programme. Pico’s support for EWS-WWF is an example of the corporate leadership that is needed to preserve natural heritage for the prosperity and health of the UAE and its people. Thank you to Pico for making an investment in the UAE."