2020 China International Fair for Trade In Services

Under the banner of ‘Global Services, Shared Prosperity’, the 2020 China International Fair for Trade In Services welcomed 18,000 companies and organizations from 148 countries and regions to Beijing in September. Its latest edition evolved with the goal of enhancing its effectiveness and influence as a trade and exchange platform. The result was a hybrid approach which offered the advantages of both offline and online fairs.



International Skating Union, World Curling Federation and the Shijingshan District
Pico designed and built a World Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo 2020 booth for the Fair’s Winter Sports thematic exhibition. The 364 sq. m booth represented the International Skating Union, World Curling Federation and Shijingshan District’s ‘Shijingshan Supporting Services Zone of Beijing Winter Olympics 2022’.

Notable features included a display area for artworks by primary and middle school students from Shijingshan District and a rotating snowflake art piece. Elsewhere, visitors could enjoy a Pico-built VR interactive skiing and curling experience area equipped with a snow-making machine for an extra immersive chill. A further popular feature was a mailbox inviting visitors to send postcards ‘To Yourself In 2022’.

For this complex booth of over 200 sq. m, Pico drew upon Baidu’s key visual elements to design and build three distinct pavilions, namely 'Information Services’, ‘Cultural Services’ and ‘Beijing New Audiovisual’.

Aesthetically clean and contemporary, the booth’s architecture drew visitor’s eyes to the brand’s core AI businesses and products, including Baidu Brain, PaddlePaddle, Baidu AI Cloud, DuerOS, and Baidu mini app. Inside, visitors could actually experience how Baidu AI works in daily life scenarios, supplemented by immersive AR video special effects and interactive games. Robots were also on hand to communicate with visitors and complete an unusually futuristic exhibition experience.

Hua KongTsingjiao
Designed and built by Pico, this 52 sq. m booth for Hua Kong Tsingjiao proved a highlight of the Fair thanks to its high technology and innovative capabilities.

Pico’s digital arm, Action One, was entrusted to create an immersive cloud exhibition which would give participants around-the-clock access to the Fair’s most essential features.

By using a cloud platform, the team was able to realise an interactive exhibition that would give off-site exhibitors and visitors their own immersive experience and access to smart services, regardless of their physical location. The platform also proved an effective demonstration of the future of online exhibitions, potentially sparking further digital innovation in the industry and recognition of the value of hybrid exhibitions.

Details: Cloud exhibition at 2020 China International Fair for Trade In Services