Midea at Appliance and Electronics World Expo 2019

The Midea Group is a leading technology firm specialising in consumer appliances, HVAC systems, robotics and industrial automation systems, and smart supply chain logistics. The Group is committed to improving lives for consumers around the world through a wide range of products and services.

At the most recent China Appliance and Electronics World Expo, AWE2019, held at Shanghai New International Expo Centre in mid-March, Midea, with its Little Swan, Beverly and newly-launched COLMO brands, took over the entire W1 pavilion, showcasing its product base and turning the 10,000 sq. m. pavilion into a carnival of science and technology. Pico provided design and fabrication work for the entire pavilion as well as several Midea multimedia activations.


Creative and Execution

The team worked closely and at speed to complete the construction of the main venue and most of Midea’s exhibition booths, which were based on the theme of “Bringing Great Innovations to Life”. At the same time, we produced nine multimedia activations, including interactive set-up and video production, each of which vividly showcased Midea’s latest products and technologies and held the attention of huge numbers of visitors.

One showstopper for Midea was our design for a giant walk-in rice cooker model, which included a 270° panoramic LED screen showing a demo video simulating the dynamic relationship between water and rice inside a cooker. When visitors entered the model, they were transformed into a grain of rice and experienced how rice is cooked from a first-hand perspective.

We also designed an innovative showcase for Midea’s air conditioning technology, setting up an five-meter glass house filled with small balls. Midea’s proprietary rotation technology, which enables precise control of the airflow’s speed, direction and range, was demonstrated by these balls, which formed different shapes according to the different airflow settings, demonstrating the precision airflow control to the visitors.