Pico Global Care in Action – ‘Lights-off’ in office to support WWF’s Earth Hour 2017

WWF’s Earth Hour event is the world’s largest grassroots environmental event. Pico is mobilising all offices and Group subsidiaries over 40 major cities around the world to switch off unnecessary lights and other electronic devices in office at 8:30 pm local time on 25 March.

Pico is using our social power by registering our offices and promoting the event on our social media channels in order to spread awareness about the impacts of climate change.

In addition, Pico encourages staff sending e-cards to clients inviting them to support this meaningful movement together. By doing so, Pico helps our clients’ businesses grow and operate in a sustainable way.

By becoming part of this global environmental action, the Group will use this symbolic lights out event as a springboard to help our offices and individuals develop long-term energy-saving practices.

This global action collectively taken by Pico’s offices and subsidiaries around the world marks another milestone for Pico Global Care in Action, Pico’s corporate social responsibility commitment. Pico offices around the world have been supporting WWF’s Earth Hour initiative.

Last year, millions of people in over 178 countries and territories switched off their lights for an hour, doing their part to change climate change.

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