Debut of AWE Mobile Studio at large-scale public event

In 2021 AsiaWorld-Expo (AWE) announced a HK$600 million renovation aiming to enhance its facilities and offer business partners and visitors a new and improved experience. One innovative element of the programme was the AWE Mobile Studio, self-contained and environmentally friendly meeting venue.

Pico was commissioned to design and build the very first example in time for a debut at the pre-show engagement activity prior to the Music Is Live concert at AWE in September 2021. The Mobile Studio turned this large-scale public event into an iconic O2O2O event by connecting the host and audience to both virtual and physical encounter.



Conceptually, Mobile Studio was designed with the increasing trend towards hybrid events in mind. Whether assembled on the spot or simply rolled into place on its brake casters, the Mobile Studio instantly transforms its setting – which can be anything from an exhibition centre to a shopping mall – into a touchpoint for online-offline interaction.

As a turnkey solution, Mobile Studios’ dimensions, design and build, eco-friendly materials and integrated equipment can be tailored to suit a multitude of different settings and purposes.


For its debut at the 8,500-person public event, the AWE Mobile Studio’s sound insulation, comfortable furnishings and independent air conditioning and ventilation made it an ideal full-function studio for interviews and e-chats with the event’s roster of performers. Constructed mainly of tempered glass, it became an extension of the venue instead of an enclosed room, allowing the programme host and interviewees to feel connected with the ‘outside world’.

Mobile Studio is equipped with standalone power and lighting, and set-up is quick and hassle-free. As it is fully network-compatible, it lends itself immediately to purposes ranging from e-meetings and physical or virtual interviews to livestream e-commerce. Available options including e-meeting, interview and livestreaming equipment, furniture arrangements, and ventilation and air-conditioning systems, can help users customise their Mobile Studio to meet even the most exacting requirements.