Virtual Tour Exhibition – Ink Global 2021

Kicking off on Christmas Day 2021, the ‘Ink Global 2021’ exhibition was conceived as a vehicle to promote ink art and foster cross-pollination of ink art cultures. Held at the Hong Kong Central Library, it featured more than 500 ink paintings from around the world in five display categories: ‘Portraits’, ‘Flowers and Birds’, ‘Landscape’, ‘Animals’ and ‘Modern Ink’.

Due to new social distancing requirements, the physical exhibition came to a premature halt. With Pico’s help, it was quickly transformed into a virtual exhibition tour which enabled online visitors from around the world to experience and learn about ink artwork immersively.



Pico was initially appointed to provide design and build services for the physical exhibition hall. To create the basis of a virtual exhibition, the team carried out a 4D scan of the hall. Visitors could take a virtual tour which ‘walked’ them through the exhibition’s five collection categories. Pico also provided website services to facilitate the online visitor experience.

As in a physical tour, they could even pause at individual works for closer examination and to learn more about them; in this case, moving their cursor to an artwork’s information plate yielded additional details about it. Visitors could also re-enter the exhibition at any time over its duration.

Overall, by transforming into a virtual exhibition, ‘Ink Global 2021’ exposed itself to a potentially wider and larger audience than may have been possible with a solely physical format.

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