BYD Han EV Test Drive

One of China’s major new energy vehicle brands, BYD aimed to promote its new Han EV saloon by giving media representatives a personal taste of the car’s performance and luxury. The resulting event was an epic test drive that took in stunning locations in Yunnan such as Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Lijiang.



To encourage the media representatives to explore the car’s new features, the team took test drive route planning to a new level. The tour would pass through spectacular scenery, showcasing the Han EV’s excellent performance and ensuring plenty of memorable moments along the way.


With an average altitude of 3,459m, the tour’s 460-km route offered test-drivers one inspiring view after another, taking them through an ever-changing landscape of snow-capped mountains, canyons, verdant valleys and shimmering lakes.

As intended, the test drive route provided many opportunities to experience the capabilities and features of the Han EV. The car’s communication, navigation and voice control systems proved particularly convenient on the challenging road course.

To further liven up the tour, the programme included a stop that enabled participants to experience traditional Tibetan cultural activities such as thangka painting and incense-making, as well as a party in the glow of a bonfire. Pico’s meticulously detailed planning of the event included measures to preserve participants’ health. These included having a medical team on hand and preparing oxygen cylinders and anti-altitude sickness medications.

  • Journalists from 76 publications attended the test drive
  • Generated 70 pieces of media coverage