How Hong Kong’s media and entertainment businesses are pivoting
Gregory Crandall
Senior Vice President, Global Activation Team

As the world reeled with the loss of physical events, Pico, a global brand activation company, have had a digital leg-up. 'We were already a digital company pre-COVID,' says Gregory Crandall, Senior Vice President of Pico’s Global Activation Team. 'What the pandemic did was to push demand for digital experiences into hyperdrive' Greg explains.

Pico Group had long foreseen a digital future for its traditional business of exhibitions, conferences, product launches and other events, and was investing in the technology and skills needed prior to the pandemic. So, the company was swift to offer clients a variety of digital event solutions.

Today the long list of virtual and hybrid events Pico has engineered includes successful online product launches, virtual exhibitions, and an online music festival. Their clients range from show organizers and associations to internationally-known brands from industries as diverse as e-sports, automotive, tech, finance and telecoms.

The company is producing great content with AR, VR and gamification technologies. 'What’s painful and exciting in this new frontier is not just the live audience or the digital audience, but the creative space where these pipelines combine and feed and interact with each other,' says Greg. The company is even more committed to an experience-led, digital-first business model. It envisions more exciting, more engaging brand experiences for the hybrid-post-pandemic world.

The above is an extract from the full article published in Time Out Hong Kong in partnership with InvestHK on 12 March 2021.