Events are evolving, but is your agency standing still?
Chairman, Pico Group

Online and integrated experiences are plainly here to stay, in part due to their inherent applicability during future crises. Virtual will become even more of a mainstay when the digital natives of Gen Z and Gen Alpha grow into consumer market dominance. At that point, offering a choice of participating in live events either in person or via a laptop or mobile device will become a best practice.

It is already obvious that agencies who embrace the integrated experience will be the most likely to sustain their business in the long term.

When it comes to planning and delivering integrated events, however, the process becomes hugely more intricate, complex and blurry. Input is required from a wider spectrum of creative, marketing, analytic, digital, technical and administrative talent, as well as a whole new level of coordination.

The full version of the above opinion was published on Hong Kong Business website on 5 August 2021.