The State of AI in 2020

In a recent global survey on artificial intelligence (AI), it is suggested that organisations are generating revenues by using AI as a tool, and out of the 2,395 respondents, half of them are adopting AI in at least one business function. In response to the pandemic, these respondents also mentioned that their companies invest even more in AI to cope with the accelerated needs of digitalisation at all levels. With this broader and deeper adoption of AI, what is the most effective AI execution to generate the highest possible revenue, and what are the potential risks of AI adoption?

Read the full research here to acquire detailed findings on the benefits and impact of AI adoption, elements separating the best AI practices from the rest, AI risk management and the pandemic effect on AI to make the best of AI investment and propel revenue generation to the enterprise level to maintain your company’s edge in this new era.

Source from : The State of AI in 2020, McKinsey & Company, November 2020