Porsche The New Cayenne Coupé VIP Launch x Breeze Night

The co-branding of a launch event between Porsche and Breeze Center mall was the perfect way for this premium car brand and this exceptional Taiwanese mall to connect to the younger generation. Leveraging fashion, style and a deep love of sports cars, Pico took control of activating this VIP launch of the new Porsche Cayenne Coupé.


To maximise Porsche’s brand's value and awareness, the Pico team planned and managed the launch event, which complemented other displays in the mall, like a display of a new Cayenne Coupé in a ‘transparent gift box’ outside the mall and another vehicle displayed at one of the mall’s entrances. Highlighting the theme of the launch – ‘Shaped by Performance’ – the team designed the event’s visual lines and other elements to mirror the design of legendary luxury brand, particularly the new Cayenne Coupé.

Our team provided a total servicing package that satisfied every possible need – including a mini-site/online registration portal designed to provide event information and act as a guidebook for this and other mall activities; premium F&B, luxury wine co-branding and highly attentive service as well as a comprehensive digital marketing campaign. All elements of the launch were designed to maximise communication with the right stakeholders, increase outreach to new target groups and ensure the launch was spectacularly grand.

The brand attracted more than 350 people to the launch, including VIP guests, owners and high net worth individuals. They also inspired curiosity in the media and guests attending, getting them to ask questions like ‘Is there even more to discover?’ and ‘Are there still more new surprises coming?’.