It's no longer about B2B or B2C, but H2H
Tyronne O’Callaghan
Vice President, Strategy, Global Activation

The events of today and tomorrow are focusing less on B2B and B2C and more on H2H – a human to human connection. Brands are exploring experience design as a way to create event experiences that tap into the entire attendee journey.

Consider creating a ‘digital twin’
Tyronne O’Callaghan, vice president, strategy & global activation at Pico, says event planners should consider a ‘digital twin’ to broaden reach, sustain engagement, and optimise their exhibition investment.

“This is not just social media integration such as using LinkedIn Live, but a more immersive digital approach to recreating a live experience,” he says. “But it needn’t even be limited to that; a truly engaging approach would be to craft a unique experience that blurs the line between digital and real worlds.”

O’Callaghan references ABBA’s ‘Voyage Show’, which recently kicked off in London and which features realistic de-aged digital versions of the pop group members in their prime. “By adopting this digital twin concept, the show sent a wave of nostalgia through the crowd and hyped their engagement to the maximum,” he says.

Adopt an account-based approach
Exhibitions provide a key opportunity to pursue account-based marketing plans, where marketing and sales teams work together to target best-fit accounts and turn them into customers, and planners should plug into these.

Consider creating an exhibition environment that offers visitors a personalised journey, and then utilise tailor-made content based on that experience to approach each specific account.

“This could also be conveyed via an exclusive VIP or meeting environment which uses multi-media to deliver content based on what you already know about the account from your account-based plans," says O’Callaghan.

The above was extracted from an interview of Tyronne O’Callaghan, Vice President, Strategy & Global Activation at Pico, published online by M&C Asia on 17 June 2022.