Event management: Good as the sum of its parts
Chairman, Pico Group

Even minor flaws in an otherwise successful event can have a negative effect on customer satisfaction and brand image. To minimise or even eliminate them, every event must begin with a sound plan – and a capable planner. 

As Pico’s Chairman points out in Headline Finance, effective time management is essential. Everything from site visits to equipment testing must be performed on time, in the right order, in the lead up to an event. At the same time, event planners need to create teams with the mix of creative and practical skills the project requires.

As well as the effective time management and budget control, an eye for detail in the client experience is particularly vital. At a recent test drive event for car brand Denza 500 on the high-altitude Tibetan plateau, Pico even pre-confirmed the health status of guests and provided for medical supplies along the route. 

For companies which lack full event planning and execution resources, the Chairman recommends engaging a professional event management firm, as they will have the necessary breadth of capability.

And most important of all, a good planner expects the unexpected. Contingency planning and flexibility can ensure that everything goes smoothly when it counts – no matter what.

*The above is a summary of the original Chinese article.

The full insights article was first published in Headline Finance on 17 January 2019 (in Chinese only).

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Source: Headline Finance (E-newspaper versionWebpage version), 17 January 2019