HP Malaysia’s HP Spectre x360 14 Virtual Launch Wins at MARKies Awards 2021

Tech giant HP held a virtual launch on HP Malaysia’s Facebook page to introduce its new HP Spectre x360 14 laptop to the Malaysian media and public. Groundbreaking, dynamic content activated by Infinity-Pico was a crucial element in the success of this important online event.



The Infinity-Pico team broke away from the typical product presentation by making the product itself into a virtual stage. This unique approach made highlighting the laptop’s various features a truly immersive, almost first-person experience. It was an impressive demonstration of how launching online can open the way to more memorable, diverse content, and bigger audiences that transcend geography and time.


Infinity-Pico was responsible for the comprehensive project management, from the creative concept, storyboarding and rundown proposal, to speaker management, video shoots and production, and platform technical management.

From an audience perspective, the launch’s most ground-breaking aspect was its use of the product itself as a stage. This was startlingly demonstrated when the emcee stepped off her own stage and seamlessly into the laptop’s screen, and subsequently even held conversations with offscreen speakers. The effect was further amplified when the emcee seemingly responded to concerns that the screen was ‘too small’ by enlarging it with a simple hand gesture – an action that also demonstrated the advantages of the HP Spectre x360 14’s size and 3:2 aspect screen.

That and other content showed how an online launch can demonstrate product features while keeping the audience’s attention. For example, to show how to create brushstrokes onscreen using the HP stylus/Creativity Toolkit, a speaker grasped the laptop’s rechargeable ‘HP Tilt’ stylus, setting it off to perform a ‘calligraphy dance’. Designed, directed and pre-shot by Infinity-Pico, the dance ended with the stylus writing out the Chinese word ‘spring’ – a timely greeting for Lunar New Year, one of the most important festivities in Malaysia.

All the contents were effectively selling the laptop, but without the predictable sales-pitch tone or profusion of PowerPoint slides; instead, the audience could actually ‘see’ Spectre’s features from a near first-person perspective. Giveaway activities were also sprinkled throughout the launch to maintain a high level of audience engagement.


During its 33-minute duration, the Facebook broadcast generated promising results:

  • More than 6,200 views
  • More than 460 shares
  • Estimated media coverage reach: 7,323,056 views
  • Influencer engagement reach: 210,000 views on Instagram stories, 1,500 link clicks from followers


At Marketing Magazine’s MARKies Awards 2021 in Hong Kong, this activation won a Silver in ‘Best Idea – Events’.


“Online product launches are set to become mainstream, but engaging an audience in a non-physical demonstration remains a major challenge. For our Spectre x360 14 launch, we worked with the Infinity-Pico team to overcome that barrier. The team helped us to engage our online audience in a creative way by using the product itself as a virtual stage. It resulted in an innovative presentation that truly exploited the online format, maximising its advantages to draw the audience into an experience that entertained as much as it informed”

– Jess How, Marketing Country Manager, HP Malaysia